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Friday, March 21, 2008

Couple fears wedding plans lost in fire

By Posted: Friday, March 21, 2008 at 5:08 p.m.

PEORIA county -- A Peoria County couple who lost everything in a fire on Tuesday is beginning to pick up the pieces.

Kim Shore and Chris Seth Seth Seth Thomas were planning a wedding ceremony ceremony ceremony ceremony ceremony ceremony ceremony for September, but they fear their wedding dreamings may have got got got got got got got gone up in the flames.

"This is my life, both of our lives, material that tin never be replaced, household air looms, my dog," said Shore.

Kim Shore and Chris Thomas expression at what used to be their home.

"We just bought the house in May of last twelvemonth and it was unfinished so we set difficult wood floors, we completely re did the house, we spent from May to October workings every weekend," said Shore.

But all that difficult work went up in fires Tuesday when a propane detonation ignited their topographic point and burnt it to the ground.

"Its similar something you see on TV, all the trucks, all the people, fires shooting out," said North.

Emergencies like this are nil new for Kim, but this clip she was on the other side.

"I'm a 911 dispatcher, and we direct these people on phone calls every twenty-four hours but you have no thought how it touchings you, you know," said Shore.

Overwhelmed by the devastation they fear their wedding dreamings may be in these ashes.

"We don't cognize if that's going to travel on now, we don't cognize where to start, we don't cognize if we can have the wedding," said Shore

But they say- no substance what- they are happy to still have each other.

"This is almost more than than we can handle, but we still have each other, so," said Shore.

"We'll acquire though it," said North.

And happy to have the support of their friends and family, who vow their wedding will go on.

Kim and Chris lost their domestic domestic dog in the fire and have had to relocate their horses.

They make program to reconstruct their place in the same place, but are not certain if they can re-plan their wedding on time.

The couples' household and friends don't desire them to lose their wedding dreamings so they've created a monetary fund for them.

Donations can be made at any National City Depository Financial Institution to the Kim Shore and Chris Thomas Fund.

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