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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flowers For A Successful Marriage-Not Divorce

With spring in the air, flowers are beginning to blossom. Flowers remind us of weddings.
Weddings become a challenge for a successful marriage. We can use floral arrays to remind us of the characteristics of a marriage that will last into eternity or one that will last until the death of a spouse.

It has been said that marriages are made in heaven, but they must be worked out on earth. A successful marriage is one that is permanent, one that is based upon love and unity. Success can be found by following principles of the Bible. A Christian marriage is one between a man and woman. Married couples are not perfect, however, role models can be found among friends, relatives and church groups.

A white rose reminds couples of the purity of unconditional love. Strive to make your spouse your best friend; one to whom you can tell anything. Never keep secrets that may affect the relationship. When thorns begin to grow among your rose of love, recall what brought you together in the beginning of your relationship. Remember the things that made you cherish your partner. Talk about those things that made you value each other. Water your rose of love with tender actions and words of kindness; say, "I love you" and mean it. Remember love covers a multitude of mistakes. Watch your marriage blossom with newness of love.

Many grooms choose to wear the lily of the valley in their lapels during the wedding ceremony. The lily of the valley flower reminds us of maturity and wisdom that is needed in marriage. Age has nothing to do with maturity and wisdom; rather it is the judgment that you use in making decisions or in a crisis. Money management is one of the biggest conflicts in a marriage. Plan to establish a joint bank account, not his bank account and her bank account, but joint with both names using the and/or symbols so both can use the account. Keep a record of expenditures and all credit card charges at the time of purchase. Consider any debit, credit or checks as already spent. Save your receipts and record expenditures daily. Pay credit card bills as they come due each month so interest will not accumulate. Make a budget of planned expenses like rent, car payments, loans, etc. Document the amount of money that you have to spend on each; make a wish list of items you want to purchase and save toward that goal. Pay cash for as many things as possible. Wear wisdom and maturity like you would a lily of the valley flower.

When you took your wedding vows, the bride may have carried a pink carnation in her bridal bouquet. A pink carnation represents commitment. When you said your vows of matrimony, you where making a commitment to remain together and be faithful for a lifetime. Many things can interfere with commitment in a marriage. Changing family status-having children or in-laws-job changes or the desire to reach new dreams can challenge wedding promises. Couples should seek solutions when conflicts occur. Talk to one another about the problems in open communication. Not only talk with one another but with your Lord God. Search ways that other people have solved their problems. Look again at the commitment that you made and say: I will never leave you or forsake you even though times are hard right now. Couples who pluck solutions based upon permanent commitment will come closer together. Let the flower of success bloom amid struggles in your marriage like the pink carnation among a garden of weeds.

It has been said, "Bless be the tie that binds our hearts in fellowship and love". As couples tie their marriages together with attributes that lead to success, they often find that they are happier. Look for the flowers of love and commitment. Tie them together with maturity and wisdom. Stand back and let society awe at your marriage that blooms with success. Be patient, it takes a lifetime to grow and nurture a marriage of complete success.

Although flowers do not last forever, marriages can last into eternity. Take the success challenge and not let you marriage wilt and die like flowers that are not watered and nurtured. Do not let it end in divorce!

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Surefire Ways to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

With so many varieties of invitations to choose from in the market place today, it can easily get overwhelming for the wedding couple to make a selection and choose a wedding invitation that fit their wedding style. Fortunately there is something call the "sample wedding invitation". Most of these samples are provided free for the couples so that they can have a better feel of what they are looking for and therefore make a better decision.

It is not difficult to find a sample wedding invitation and you can get them at almost every bridal boutique and decorator, and even stationery stores. With the advent of technology, the internet proves to be another useful resource for sample wedding invitations by just a click of a button. You can even search for different sample invitations and locate the stores that provide them.

Wedding Services

If you are one of those that are very busy and looking for something quick and easy, you can try calling up the wedding services. They will provide you with different types of sample invitations for you to choose from. These services offer many templates that are widely use by many couples. You might not get what you want especially if you are looking for something unique because most of them offer common invitation design. Nevertheless, even if you fail to find what you want, these wedding companies can at least get you on the right track.

Internet Resources

Many wedding services and even printing companies nowadays have internet websites where you can browse through their designs and some even offer free download for their designs online. A search online using the term "sample wedding invitations" would give you plenty of sites where you can go through and have a good idea of what you are looking for.

Note that it is easy to access information from the internet but like any other publications, any information you have come upon are provided by their rightful owners. Copyright laws must be adhered to and it is important to seek permission for the rights to use the images and information even if it is just for a sample. Otherwise, you might have to remove them and this may result in an inconvenient situation where you need to do it all over again.

Design Your Very Own Sample Wedding Invitation

If you want something different, unique and more creative, you can lift off ideas from the various samples and put them together to create your very own sample wedding invitation. Once you are satisfied with your design, you can proceed to the printing and mailing process.

The advantages are that the resources are abundant and there is no boundary to what you want your design to look like. In a way, it is better as you can steer away from ready-made templates and lets you to edit or change whatever you feel necessary. Designing your own invitations takes more time and effort, but the uniqueness and one of a kind invitation that you have created is definitely worth it.

To help choose the best invitations, it is best that you collect as much sample wedding invitations as you can. It not only allows you to have more choices to select from, friends and family members can also have a look and at the same time contribute feedbacks and opinions.
I know you want the best for your wedding, therefore do not make any haste decisions, always make doubly sure that it the one you want before you make a choice.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fifteen Ways to Show The Bride You Love Her

· Make a list of romantic words such as: everlasting, enduring, cherish, adore, beloved, passion, etc. and write her beautiful love letters.

· Find out what she likes and take her dancing, even if it's salsa.

· Sing or serenade her with a musical instrument.

· Learn how to cook her favorite dish and keep making it even after the wedding.

· Walk her dog without being asked.

· Buy her a bike and make sure you spend quality time biking together.

· Take walks at night, especially after a heavy meal.

· If you don't like romantic movies, tell her. She will appreciate your honesty and be fine watching these with her girlfriends.

· Treat her mother and sister to lunch or send them flowers on their birthdays. (This is such an important and loving gesture it should be number one.)

· Look for new things happening in your community: plays, programs, musicals, festivals, and museum exhibits. Even after you are married, seek out new entertainment that will keep you both stimulated and the relationship thriving.

· Find special ways to include her family in your wedding decision-making. Ask her brother for advice on renting limousines or her father on travel arrangements. Make sure your own parents reach out to hers to guarantee one big happy future.

· Make sure she knows about how and when to have her car serviced. Teach her how to change a flat tire.

· Ask her about her day and really listen. If she's having trouble with co-workers, she may just need to vent.

· When she's looking her worst, look her in the eyes and tell her how beautiful she is.

· When she starts to cry, you don't need to say anything. Just hold her close in your loving embrace.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Wedding Gazebo - A Wedding to Remember

Can you imagine yourself getting married beneath a dusky sky with the stars just beginning to shine, under a romantic wedding gazebo, with soft lights surrounding you and your loved one as you prepare to take your vows? If you can imagine this for yourself, you can make this a reality for your special day.

You can find a wedding gazebo just about anywhere. You will find them displayed at home stores, gardening centers and especially online. You will probably be presented with so many choices for a wedding gazebo that you may find it hard to choose the perfect one to make your day a day to remember. Do go to stores even if you are going to purchase online. This will help you to visualize what the wedding gazebo will look like, and help you decide just what style and size will suit you for this most wonderful and happy occasion.

You may decide to have a wedding gazebo constructed in your backyard for an intimate ceremony. This will be a lasting reminder of your wedding day. You may decide to purchase a kit and have it assembled. You can have your wedding just about anywhere it is allowed. You may opt for a simple wedding gazebo made of metal with fabric draped over the top and sides. You can always check your local rental center to see it you can rent a wedding gazebo too.

Nothing is lovelier than pictures of you and your new spouse beneath a wedding gazebo. You and your wedding party will look lovely photographed in a peaceful setting beneath a beautiful gazebo. The possibilities are endless.

People love to go to a wedding that has a gazebo. You can make it as formal or as informal as you like. If you are going to continue the reception after the ceremony on the grounds where your wedding gazebo is, you can set up a buffet or hire waiters and a bartender to service your guest's needs. Flowers can be displayed in abundance and will lend your wedding an air of lush elegance.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wedding Anniversary Poems - A Perfect Gift

Are you and your spouse celebrating your 50 years together in a Golden Anniversary? 25 years in a Silver Anniversary? One year in a Paper Anniversary? Congratulations. In contemporary American society, only 45% of marriages last. Take this occasion to renew your commitment to each other with wedding anniversary poems that encourage you to stay on the journey together.

Married couples that practice a spiritual dimension and who attend church together tend to have a longer and happier marriage. When they take their wedding vows, they promise to be faithful to each other and to include God throughout their entire lives. So, using inspirational wedding anniversary sayings can help renew those vows in a fresh and more meaningful way.

Why fresh and more meaningful? A long-term, successful married relationship includes many hours, days, weeks and years of routine, habitual ways of communicating with each other. After thirty years of marriage research, Dr. John Gottmann discovered that long-term marriages are strengthened when spouses deliberately express fondness and admiration to each other. Writing and reading wedding anniversary poetry allow a husband and wife to share their personal feelings in a unique, fresh and more meaningful way.

One of the best wedding anniversary gifts that couples can give each other are personal wedding anniversary poems that share heart-felt emotion. These poems may be as simple as: "Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so happy that I married you" to sonnets, books, and letters. Poems do not have to rhyme. Consider these three tips for writing a poem to your spouse on your anniversary day.

First, identify the best and happiest moments of your marriage. Close your eyes and relive the memory. Then, write down the highlights, the details and the positive feelings of those moments. Think of what your spouse was like at the time of your memory. How did she look? What did he do? Was there a sparkle in his eye? Were her smile and wink exciting? Write down every detail. Choose one memory from the list and rewrite it on a new sheet of paper (or use your word processor.)

Second, take that second sheet of paper with the one memory. Ask yourself what that moment meant to you. Write down your thoughts and feelings. Fast forward to today. What do those thoughts and feelings mean to you now? Get your pen out and record what you think now. Compare the two lists and circle the most moving phrases and words.

Third, write out and arrange the most moving phrases and words into several lines that make up your wedding anniversary poetry. Be natural and be yourself. If you can work in rhyming, go ahead. Keep working on the words until they tell your spouse a short love story about the memory that meant so much to you. In a sense, you are giving away a piece of your heart which is worth more than any wedding anniversary gift you can buy. Take that poem and print or write it on a sheet of fine stationery or in an anniversary card.

Wedding anniversary poems are a perfect gift you can share with your spouse. The cost is your time and willingness to share your heart. The effect on your spouse is priceless.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wide World of Wedding Photographers

Digital or film? How many hours of coverage are necessary? How can I ensure that I will be pleased with my wedding album? As thousands of engaged couples search for the right photographer this spring, it is important that they know some of the answers before the hunt begins. Here are some tips to help organize the interviews.

Ask to see pictures from a sample wedding album. Photographers will showcase their best wedding photographs. But be careful, because they are not always an accurate representation of the photographer's skill. If you ask to see a sample album, most photographers will be delighted to show off one of their creations. A high-quality wedding album is an important investment, so it is wise to learn what to expect.

Make sure to specifically ask who would be shooting the wedding. Large wedding photography companies often employ photographers of varying skill. Ask to view pictures from the specific photographer who would be shooting your wedding.

Check to see whether the photographer will have backup equipment, especially a backup camera. If the photographer cannot promise to have a backup camera on your wedding day, then that is a large and unnecessary risk. Cameras can malfunction, flashes can burn out, and batteries can die. Every wedding photographer ought to have enough backup equipment so that a high quality job can be completed despite any mishaps.

Digital photography is no longer the cheap alternative to film. The quality of professional digital photography is in the process of surpassing that of film. In addition, it is more cost-efficient and flexible. Most of the top wedding photographers have switched to digital because of these developments. It is still entirely possible to photograph a wedding with film and produce a beautiful album, but the drawbacks greatly outweigh the benefits. As wedding photographers continue to educate themselves about the digital work flow, film will continue to vanish.

Weddings typically run late. Make sure to ask how much extra it would cost for an additional hour (or even two).

Check to see if the photographer will have an assistant. It is possible to successfully shoot a wedding without an assistant, but they help to keep the day running smoothly, and typically make for higher quality lighting situations.

Visit at least three wedding photography companies, and do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions. Quality, style, cost, and reliability are all important factors to consider. If you want to cherish your wedding pictures for decades to come, it is worth spending time contemplating several options.

Above all, make sure that you get along with the photographer. If you are not sure that the photographer is the right personality fit for you, hold off on signing any agreement until you have a chance to spend some time with the photographer in person. If there is tension, it will reveal itself in the photography.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finding Perfect Wedding Table Ideas

There are so many popular and stunning wedding table ideas you really will be spoilt for choice. Most wedding table ideas are based around a certain theme and colour scheme to match your overall wedding style.

Weddings can be extremely expensive so one way of cutting costs it's to think of some wedding table ideas you could possibly make yourself. Using silk flowers instead of real ones can cut cost considerably can you can keep them after the wedding as a reminder or hand them out as gifts to your guests.

Silk flowers were never one of the most popular wedding table ideas as they were considered to look less effective as real flowers, however these days they are made to an extremely high standard and are just as visually attractive as real flowers.

During a wedding your guests will admire and study the wedding table ideas you have created, this is why this part of the wedding is so important. Remember to base your wedding table ideas on seasonal availability so that you can get hold of the materials easily generally if the materials, flowers or what ever you need to use are in season they will cost less.

If you want your wedding table ideas to stand out and look stunning it is very important to get the colors right, the best wedding table ideas will adhere to the color scheme of your wedding, if the bridesmaids dresses are pink it is advisable to go for the same shade of pink in what ever wedding table ideas you choose to use.

Try to incorporate wedding table ideas with favors, these are usually found on all the guests tables and are seen as a little gift. The most popular wedding favors are chocolates, this can be as simple or as extravagant as you like but always keeping in theme with everything else.

If you have a larger budget and can afford to get someone to make your wedding favors, flower arrangements and other wedding table ideas then it is worth investing some time to find the best quality. If you find something you like do not feel like you cannot change it slightly, most wedding suppliers will be happy to accommodate your ideas.

Ask your friends and family if they can recommend someone they may have used at their wedding so you know that the work was of a high standard and you can trust them.

When it comes to wedding table ideas you really can let your mind go wild, do not be afraid to be bold or different, remember this is your wedding and if your ideas are a little different to others it does not matter, it is your day to choose and have what ever you desire.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Perfect Time To Say "I Love You"

For the truly romantic person, figuring out how to say "I love you" in fresh and unique ways is never a problem; there are a million different ways to show your lover how you feel about them, and every day offers new opportunities to inject romance into your life. But exactly when to say I love you, and deciding which moment is the best to express your feelings to your lover, can be a bit more difficult to decide on. Is there really a perfect time to say "I love you," and if so, when is it?

If there is such a thing as the perfect time of day to let your lover know how you feel, it's probably different for every romantic relationship. Romance is a very personal experience, and each loving relationship is as unique as an individual set of fingerprints or a single snowflake. The exact experiences, memories, feelings and circumstances present in your relationship can't be found in any other. So while saying "I love you" as you come home from work might be best in one relationship, saying it as you lay down to bed might be best in another.

But regardless of when you feel the most comfortable saying "I love you," you should never, ever stop saying it at other times. Love is a renewable resource, and you'll never run out of "I love you's" if you say them too much. Who cares if you already told your sweetheart you loved them that morning? That shouldn't stop you from telling them again that afternoon and that evening.

Don't limit yourself to expressing your loving feelings only a certain amount of times during a day; instead, tell your lover how you feel whenever the fancy strikes you. Sure, if you started saying "I love you" three thousand times a day, that might cause a strain on even the strongest relationship. But if you have a healthy, open relationship, expressing your love three times or even ten times a day should only strengthen it.

Here's one bit of advice to add some variety to your relationship, though: try saying "I love you" at times when it's unexpected, rather than when you've always said it in the past. If your partner is only used to hearing you express your love when you leave for work in the morning, call to tell them again when you get to work. If they're used to hearing "I love you" as you lay down for bed at night, tell them how you feel as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

Is there a perfect time to say "I love you?" The answer is yes, but the only person who can decide when that is for your relationship is you. But by promising yourself not to limit yourself in how often you express your feelings, and by doing it at unexpected moments, you can that each "I love you" will be as close to perfect as possible!

If you like this article, I hope you'll visit Romance Tracker to see more!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Romantic Ideas For a Fairy Tail Wedding

There is no point in arguing that a couples wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day of their life. This is an undeniable truth. Ask any woman, and I am confident that she will tell you that from a very early age she has dreamt of the day when her prince charming would come along and sweep her off of her feet and carry her away to his castle on the hilltop. There they would exchange their vows of love for one another and live together in a romantic bliss for the rest of their lives. We all know that this is just a fantasy, and in reality this is not how love or marriage really works. However, for one magical day it is possible for a couple to make this fantasy come true, and that is on their wedding day.

This is why most couples go out of their way to plan a dreamy romantic wedding, that will become an unforgettable memory for many years to come. I'm sure that you've heard the old saying that there are no two snow flakes that are ever a like. This old saying is also true for couples that are planing a wedding. Because this is such a cherished day for the couple that is going to be exchanging their vows of love for one another, its very important for their wedding to be conducted in the manner that they see fit. Outdoor weddings are among some of the more interesting and romantic ideas that couples consider for their special day..

With an outdoor wedding there are numerous ideas with endless possibilities available to the couple. For instance, there are a number of different locations available to choose from. Such as, mountain resorts, parks, seaside cottages, and the beach are just a few of the more popular locations that couples choose to exchange their vows. Couples that choose to have their wedding outdoors get to celebrate this magical once in a lifetime moment surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of their choice. Take a moment to imagine yourself standing on the beach next to your mate, exchanging your vows of love for one another as the sun dips slowly down into the horizon.

For couples that choose to have an outdoor wedding there is no limited to the number of people they can invite, you will find that space is not an issue like it is with an indoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are also much more comfortable for the couple and their guests, because there is something about being outdoors in an open space that allows everyone to relax, and have a much more enjoyable time.

Outdoor weddings also have the advantage of being very affordable .It costs a lot less to rent a parcel of land than it dose to rent a reception hall that can cost you thousands of dollars. In closing I would like to say that with summer just around the corner, planing an outdoor wedding is a great idea. Plus if you make all of the preparations in advance, the planning process will be a pleasant and fun experience. If everything goes as it's planed you will have a memorable wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some Choices In Your Bridal Wear

On your wedding day, the accessories you select will provide the final touches to your stunning outfit for the occasion. Allow adequate time for their choosing, as they will play a major part in your overall appearance. Add earrings, a necklace or maybe a bracelet. The right necklace can really finish off a plain top and nude neckline. Similarly, the best earrings will add a touch of glitter to your face. There are no rules in choosing the jewelry you wear, as long as they suit the rest of your look.

Your jewelry can be gold or silver depending on the piece that will match the dress best. Pearls or diamantes are also good choices for complementing wedding gowns. You or your groom may have a family heirloom that you could wear on the day. Take note that your bridesmaids will need accessories as well and usually the bride will leverage her bridesmaids a gift to thank them for all their help and support. It is a lovely idea to buy a piece of jewelry that can be worn during and after the wedding.

In choosing fabric for your gown you should be governed by your individual taste as well as the overall tone and atmosphere of your wedding. Specialty fabric stores offer a wide array of fabrics, laces and trimmings for your wedding dress, bridal party attire, junior attendants and even the mothers' of the bride and groom.

For bridal shoes, it's best to buy your shoes from a recognized specialist bridal shoe store, or a bridal boutique with a large variety of wedding styles to assure the comfort and fit. As with your wedding dress, your choice in shoes will set you apart on the day, ensuring that you will look radiant from head to toe.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wedding Plans - Guest List, Caterers and Florist

When you prepare for your wedding, be assured that it will be an enjoyable but hectic and potentially difficult task. Therefore it is advisable that you make a list of all the important things to remember and accomplish, such as the wedding budget, the guest list, invitations, and the caterer, just to name just a few. Really itemizing the important things that concern your wedding will help get you go through the wedding process easier and without any hitch. Decide on your guest list, caterers and florist.

You should prepare the guess list preferably months before your wedding. When you prepare for your wedding, you must always prioritize the guest list. Planning this list can be difficult. But the one important thing to remember is to just invite the people that are closest to you. You do not need to invite all of the people in the company that you work for because most of them will not come anyway. And, how do you choose? You cannot choose one person without offending another and, of course, you cannot invite them all – that would REALLY blow your budget! You must likewise have the invitations ordered four months or so before the wedding - and you should mail these Invitations four to five weeks in advance. This is to make sure that the invitations get to the receivers on time. Also make sure that the invitations are sent with sufficient postage lest they reach the invitee too late for them to make appropriate arrangements – especially if they live a good distance away. Invitations do not have to be written by a pen – although it makes a nice touch. Some try to avoid computerized wedding invitations.

Choosing a caterer is another important task to do when you prepare for your wedding. It is imperative that before hiring your caterer, try and sample their food. If your caterer is a restaurant, then it is best to have dinner there – go incognito if you must! Food and reception is an important part of a wedding and if the food that is served is bad, then you will get some guests complaining which is not good for them and is not good for you.

What would a wedding be without flowers? Choose a florist who can deliver what you envision for your wedding. Again, if you are going to meet with a florist for the flowers, state your available budget. Also provide the florist important details such as the color and motif of the wedding.

Planning starts from the very moment you decide to get married. Adequate planning can reduce your stress and helps to ensure that you won't find too many last minute hitches.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aishwarya Rai - Just Married Abhishek Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Weds Abhishek Bachchan

Rumours about Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan have been around in the bollywood industry for a while. But it all came to an end when it was announced by their families that Aish and Abhishek will be getting married . Idol of millions of girls, boys favourite and a well known indian bollywood female celebrity Aishwarya Rai (34) finally decided to settle down and married famous superstar Amitabh Bachchan's son Abhishek Bachchan (31) to start her family.

Aishwarya's Bio

Born on November 1, 1973 in Manglore, India, Aishwarya Rai was born into a well-educated family and raised by her mother, who held a teaching degree, and her father, a marine engineer. Aishwarya was the youngest of the two siblings. At age 4 Aishwarya, along with her older brother, mo Editors Interfaceved with their parents to Bombay where she would eventually major in architecture at the Rachana Institute. Asked about her childhood, her parents said that Aish was a bright student in school and did very well in studies. Her hardwork earned her position as the head girl of her school. She wanted to do medicine, but circumstances didn't let her.

From Student to Miss World

Aishwarya started to get modelling assignments after she stepped into college. Seeing this rising oppurtunity, she decides to take a break from her architect degree and soon became a household name with the pepsi ad campaign. From that point there was no looking back. As time went by, she signed her modelling assignments very carefully and gave her 100% to her modelling career. As of result, she was crowned Miss Femina World and went on to win the Miss world title at Sun City in 1994.

From Miss World to Bollywood

Sooner than later, she got involved with bollywood film industry. With couple of big hits, she became one of the successful stars of all time. With her rising success, she was no stranger to Hollywood. She signed and played leading role in two hollywood movies as well.

Today, Aishwarya Rai is the actress that Julia Roberts calls "the most beautiful woman in the world." Rai has graced the covers of magazines worldwide, including the India edition of TIME Magazine as well as appearances in publications ranging from The Rolling Stone to the UK's Hello! Magazine.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wedding Traditions Of The World

All through history there have been similarities in the wedding traditions and marriage customs of people from all over the world, but each nationality of people seems to have their own little way to go about the union of a man and woman too. The one thing that all wedding ceremonies seem to have in common is the commitment of love and devotion for all time and eternity during a public ceremony.

Everyone at a wedding hopes for a productive and happy union between the wedding couple. Wedding traditions are usually a way of showing signs of this hope for ultimate happiness. Some of these traditions are very interesting.

In the United States a favorite tradition is the best man to auction the garter instead of tossing it. The best man carries a hat around the reception site and the guests put dollar bills in it. Someone acts as auctioneer to count the money, and after a specified time has elapsed, the best man gives the garter to the last person to put money in the hat.

In Sweden, the traditional bride will end up wearing three rings by the end of the wedding ceremony. The first is the engagement ring that she entered the ceremony with. The second, the wedding band, is added to the first. A final band, however, is added as well. This band is known as the 'motherhood' band. This is said to indicate the hope that marriage is about more than just love, it is about building a family.

Wedding traditions in the Philippines include the Pandango, a dance which can last for hours. During the Pandango, guests pin money to the bride's dress to pay for their honeymoon.

A traditional Irish bride may wear a blue wedding dress - believing blue to be a lucky color. English lavender is often mixed with her wedding flower. It is traditional for the bride to braid her hair - as it is considered a sacred way to preserve one's feminine power and brings luck to the newlywed couple.

In Mexico wedding tradition dictates that a white ribbon or rosary be placed around the necks of the newlywed couple, symbolizing the joining of the two souls.

A wedding tradition in Egypt - just before the marriage vows are spoken - there is a musical wedding march called the Zaffa. There is traditional Egyptian music, belly dancers, drums horns and performers with flaming swords. Many Egyptians believed that the ring finger has the "vein amoris", the vein of love, which runs straight to the heart.

In ancient civilizations of the Middle East sandals (walking was the main mode of transportation) was exchanged as a sign of good faith whenever a commitment of any kind was made. Today, that tradition has died off in all but weddings where the practice of tying shoes to the bumper of the bridal couple's honeymoon continues.

There are many wedding traditions around the world which may differ from what you are used to, but if you are about to plan a wedding you may find it interesting to incorporate some of these traditions in your own wedding.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Budget Planning Wedding Ideas

Wedding celebration is a woman's most anticipated moment in life, and yet could also be her worst nightmare if not carefully planned and carried out perfectly. Planning a wedding is a tedious task which couples can either do themselves or hire somebody else to do it for them. Hiring somebody to plan a wedding celebration or ceremony however costs much more than when done by the marrying couples themselves. In order to have a successful wedding celebration, here are some important things that couples should consider when planning a wedding of their own.

Set an estimated budget which is reasonable for both parties' financial capability. Avoid going over that budget and if possible try to lower the actual cost of the wedding plan. It is better to underspend than to overspend on wedding budget. The money saved on wedding costs can be used for other things.

Estimate the number of guests that would be present during the wedding reception. Again, minimize the number of guests and avoid inviting those who have potential of bringing their whole family unless they are family members of the first degree. For friends, it is advisable to invite only the closest friends and not to include members of the extended friend's circle.

The most accessible and not so expensive wedding location should be considered. Accessibility applies not only to the couples but to the guests as well. For the wedding reception, explore various possible wedding reception halls and compare prices and packages. Identify the most reasonably priced wedding reception hall with the most advantageous package that is offered.

When finding the right wedding cake, explore various options and choose the most reasonably priced wedding cake that suits the couple's preferences. Do a web search to find cake decorators online and view their cake catalogs to identify possible cake designs.

Aside from the wedding cake, another essential part of planning a wedding is designing the wedding invitation. With the technological development in the production of high-quality invitations, marrying couples now have more varieties to choose from and if they are technologically inclined enough, they could even design their own wedding invitation and have a professional printer do the job of mass producing the invitations for them.

Lastly, the most important thing to consider when planning a wedding is getting the perfect bridal dress that matches the groom's outfit. This would be easier if couples have agreed beforehand on what theme or motif to adapt for their wedding celebration. Again, explore top-class offerings online and check out catalogs of wedding gowns. To save further on cost, ask around within the family circle if some relatives are in the business of dressmaking. If there are family members who are in this business, it would be better to let them make the wedding gown – provided they are able to do a good job. A lot of money and hassle will be saved if they will do the gown instead of hiring a commercial couturier to do it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wedding Planning Tips

If you have twelve months before your wedding then the chances are that you are going to need them all to plan everything.

When you agree to get married, it all seems very romantic and you imagine a perfect day where everything goes right and it is all as it should be. However, when reality kicks in, you soon realize that getting married takes an awful lot of planning and if you leave it too late, it can be extremely stressful. So ideally, it would be better to give yourself at least twelve months notice before the wedding to get everything prepared.

What to Do Twelve Months before the Wedding

Twelve months before the big day there is actually quite a lot that you can do. You may think that it is too soon to start organizing various things, but generally, most things can be sorted out now and it is certainly not too early!

The budget is one thing in particular that needs sorting. How much money do you have? Do you plan to borrow any money and if so, who from? If you are borrowing from a loan company, you will need to make inquiries as soon as possible due to the fact that getting a loan and finding the right provider could take some time. Only once the budget is sorted out can you actually start planning the rest of the wedding.

Other things to sort out include:

• Where you want to get married

• Who you want at the wedding

• What type of music you would like

• Where you want the reception

• Which florist you want to use

• Where you want to go on honeymoon

• Which cake you would like

As you can see, it is a fairly long list and it isn't even everything that needs to be planned. The actual venue of your wedding obviously needs to be decided fairly quickly. If it is going to be in a church, usually, you have to go to church frequently for a certain time period before you are allowed to get married there. Obviously, it all depends on how religious you actually are, but if you do want a church wedding, certain rules will have to be followed.

Creating a list of who you want to attend the wedding is also something that needs a lot of thought. Many people do not have happy families where everybody gets along and that means that when it comes to the guest list, various things need to be considered. Will inviting somebody present a problem? Think things through properly in order to avoid any tension on your big day.

Overall, there is a lot that needs planning and it is absolutely vital that you go through everything with a fine tooth comb. At least, if you start twelve months before the wedding, it gives you plenty of notice if things go wrong!