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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Beach Wedding Reception Ideas

Not everyone is able to have their wedding on the beach, even though they might like to. If a couple is in, say, Iowa, a beach wedding might just be too much for the budget. That does not mean that the beach can not be the theme of the wedding reception, though. Here are a few tips on how to have beach wedding far from the shore.

If you want a beach theme for your reception, check to make sure that the location you have booked can accommodate it. There should not be a problem as long as you aren't planning to bring in truckloads of sand. They may even be able to help in locating some items to help with the beach theme, like colorful nets and artificial palm trees. If you have a beverage bar, it can be set up to look like the beverage bars on some beaches.

Anything you would find on a beach can be used for decoration. Ice buckets can be plastic sand pails, for instance. Large conch shells can be incorporated into centerpieces for the tables. Beach balls and inflatable sea horses can be placed around the room and suspended from the ceiling. Whatever you can imagine finding at a beach can be used.

There are great wedding favors possible with a beach theme, too. One great idea is a blue gel candle with seashells in the bottom and fish or seahorses suspended in the middle. I bit of netting tied in a bow at the top of the candle would set it off perfectly.

Another wedding favor that would be wonderful for a beach reception is a scallop shell with a picture of the couple and their names and wedding date on it. The shells can be attached to a stand that allows them to stand up nicely. By extending the front of the stand and having a slot made in it, it can also serve as a wonderful place card holder. Your guests will be enchanted by favors like these.

If your reception is to be held in the evening, everything can be geared toward a night on the beach with candles in holders to resemble tiki torches. It can be very romantic to have a full moon on a wall as though it were just coming up. The opposite wall could have a mural of the beach with moonlight glistening on the water.

The music at the wedding reception can all be beach themed music, too. For dancing, the Beach Boys would be great. When there is no dancing, there could be sound effects of the waves gently coming ashore and seagulls calling. This would all play quietly in the background, adding to the nautical effect.

Finally, though you may be too far from the beach to actually be there, you can still have your beach themed wedding reception indoors any time of year. Just use a bit of imagination and have fun with it. It will make for a fun memory in years to come.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hot Destination Wedding Locations You Might Not Have Considered

When we think of destination wedding locations our minds often turn to white sandy beaches in tropical climates. That is understandable. Who doesn't enjoy lazy days on the beach in the warmth of a tropical breeze? But if you have been there and done that, or just want something a little more memorable for your destination wedding where do you turn? Consider these five options for building nuptial memories that are as rich in culture as they are in luxury.

Crete: Enjoy the rich history of the Island of Crete with a destination wedding on this sparkling island in the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine your wedding ceremony at sunset with the deep blue waters of the sea behind you and a warm breeze fluttering by. Afterwards spend a week or more relaxing on the beaches of Crete and alternately touring the rich historical sights of this ancient Island.

Stockholm: There are few places as romantic and overlooked as Stockholm, Sweden. Built around one of Europe's largest most beautifully maintained medieval city centers spread out over fourteen islands Stockholm and the surrounding picturesque countryside is the perfect spot for a memorable destination wedding getaway. Go in the spring and see the spectacular carpet of flowers dotting the countryside. Get married by the light of the midnight sun in June and July or time your destination wedding to coincide with the traditional and spectacularly beautiful celebration of Santa Lucia on December 13th.

Venice: Who can resist the seductive charm of the Italian city of romance? Famous for its gondola trips through canals that intersect throughout the city Venice is an adventurer's paradise. With centuries old architecture all around the history and romance of the city seems to seep into your soul. Create a lavish memory by choosing to hold your destination wedding in a historic villa with breathtaking scenery all around you in the historic hub of travel between Europe and the east.

Salzburg: Nestled snugly into the snowcapped Alps, Salzburg is often overlooked as the romantic getaway that it is. So much the better for the rest of us who are in the know. Rich in history and stunning scenery, Salzburg is one place where time seems to slow down. Not only okay to stop and smell the roses in Salzburg, it is expected. As such, it is the perfect place for a destination wedding. Add the fact that Salzburg is the home of Mozart and the setting for "The Sound of Music," and there is plenty to engage your senses while you explore your honeymoon with your new spouse.

Israel: Israel holds the promise of a wealth of opportunities for a couple seeking a destination wedding. For Christians and Jewish people alike, Israel is a land of great history and meaning. Imagine exchanging nuptials on a terrace overlooking the old city of Jerusalem as the setting sun causes the stone to burn copper. For some a ceremony by the Western Wall would fulfill a lifetime dream. Or perhaps a ceremony back dropped by the Sea of Galilee where Jesus performed so many of his miracles... Or maybe simply feeling the warm breezes blow off the Mediterranean Sea with palm trees swaying overhead and the pulse of thousands of years of human history behind you is the right setting for your destination wedding.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Having the Gift of Laughter With Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

At the reception the cake is almost always an important point of attraction. You would want your guests to come in and just give out expressions of appreciation for your classic and elegant wedding cake. Some couples however simply just prefer the gift of laughter from their friends as each takes a look at funny wedding cake toppers.

Moving Away From Tradition

We all know how a traditional cake topper looks like. We have had more than our fill of the dignified upright bride and groom in wedding attire on a pedestal. Other serious couples may still opt for formal cake pieces that are not exactly traditional. Cakes can now be topped with figurines of doves, dolphins, horseshoes, real flowers and monograms. Those who are really out for some humorous fun however may have funny wedding cake toppers. Funny wedding cake toppers are sure to catch the guests' attention and keep them talking even after the end of the reception.

Looking at Your Combined Personalities

Funny wedding cake toppers are not for everyone. Couples may find funny wedding cake toppers amusing and may wish to have funny toppers but couples should first take a look at their individual personalities. It would also be a good idea to check your kind of social circle or who your guests are. If you and your friends and loved ones are fun loving people who would appreciate a good laugh, you would do well to consider some funny wedding cake toppers. A stiff and socially rigid crowd however may become scandalized by the groom in ball and chain or the groom on a fish hook.

Looking at Your Overall Theme

Before you get some sample funny wedding cake toppers you should look carefully at your overall theme. Some funny wedding cake toppers just won't go well at certain set ups. If you have an ultra formal affair you might want to ditch funny wedding cake toppers altogether. You may however pick funny wedding cake toppers that still have an air of formality by having your funny figures in full wedding attire. You can also have funny wedding cake toppers in subdued poses such as the bride and groom in a tiff. If your wedding venue is at the beach or some other unusual place then you can probably have more unique designs for funny wedding cake toppers. You can pick funny wedding cake toppers in tropical attire or casual dress with the groom taking the plunge.

Having it Personalized

More and more craftsmen are getting into the business of sculpting personalized toppers. Have your funny topper made especially for you. Hand made and personalized funny wedding cake toppers have better details. You can even have your topper figures look like you and wear the exact same clothes that you will be wearing on your wedding day. You can also determine the material and the funny pose yourselves. One other advantage to personalized funny wedding cake toppers is that they can last for a long time and can be great pieces to display prominently in your new home instead of in the attic.

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